Standing in Solidarity

The Chinese Culture Center stands in solidarity with those who were affected by the incidence at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Xu Tan on Social Botany

Xu Tan comments on Social Botany, his 2016 exhibition with CCCSF that explored community and social movements through an analysis of personal history, power structures, and cultural traditions — focusing on three local arts-activists: Roy Chan, Francis Wong, and Kayan Cheung-Miaw.


Lecture performance on the history and significance of comfort women by curator and artist Nine Yamamoto. “The absent image… and through its absence, its many ghostly presences.”

Psychoanalysis and Summer Meiling Lee

Thoughts on psychoanalysis, the unconscious, and the work of Summer Meiling Lee. “Lee seems to be repurposing memory to become a sort of intuition, repurposing the opaque to become the ephemeral.”

Gingee on DJing, Hip-Hop, and Being Filipina

Gingee, a Filipina DJ who uses indigineous Filipino instruments and hip-hop to create world beat music, speaks about headlining the 2016 Chinatown Music Festival and issues of cultural appropriation.

Li Maizi on Queer Identity under Chinese Authoritarianism

Li Maizi, Chinese feminist and queer activist who was detained by the Chinese government, speaks about her experience and politics.

Ray Yeung on Queer Identity, Representation, and Film

Chinese Culture Center Research Fellow, Victor Liu, had the unique opportunity to speak with Ray Yeung, the gay, Chinese filmmaker behind Front Cover.

Yu Xinqiao on Art and Libertation

From “A Special Reading by Poet Yu Xinqiao 俞心樵,” the dissident poet Yu Xinqiao’s opening address, glowing with the incendiary fire of political dissent as well as the golden light of an abiding love of language.