Roots California Excursion to Locke

Join CCC in an expedition to Locke, the only town inhabited exclusively by Chinese in America. Locke serves as a reminder of the hundreds of Chinese communities that once existed across the American West, home to the pioneers who brought critical expertise and labor to the building of early America.

Roots California Excursion to Napa

In the 1800’s, Chinese planted the first vineyards in Napa, dug the first wine caves, erected majestic stone bridges, extracted mercury valued in the millions of dollars, and built the first roads and railroads; altogether creating nearly the entire early economic infrastructure of the world famous Napa Valley.

Roots California Excursion to Monterey

Voyage to the fishing villages that shaped Monterey. Landing in Monterey in the 1850s, the first Chinese families created the abalone and squid industry in Monterey.

Roots California Excursions 2017 Dates

The day-long Roots California Excursions to various California sites of Locke, Napa, and Monterey are study-led tours that immerse participants into the unique forgotten stories of the first Chinese Americans in California.

Chinatown Art Walk

A 1 hour expert-led tour through Chinatown’s vibrant arts scene. Get in-depth and insider knowledge on some of the most fascinating pieces from “Sunrise” to the to the “Keywords Mural.” You will uncover how the community is forging its own path for art in the neighborhood.

Tai Chi Classes

Tai chi classes at the CCC every Tuesday and Thursday

A Lecture, Dreams with Tim Yip

The Chinese Culture Center (CCC) hosted Dreams With Tim Yip, a moderated discussion with the Oscar Award Winning Art Director and Designer himself, followed by a thought-provoking audience Q&A.

Chinatown Walking Tour

From Dynasty to Democracy combines the color of Chinatown with the inspiring history of the community’s struggle against discrimination starting in the 1800’s, and how that struggle shaped America’s understanding of human rights.

A Special Reading by Poet Yu Xinqiao 俞心樵

Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco invites you to a special reading by poet Yu Xinqiao俞心樵, an evening celebrating the written word.


An exciting dialogue on Chinese overseas migration, Hong Kong, and the global city between two pioneering historians from both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Roots Seminar: Chinese Culture Southern Style

The Chinese Culture Center invites you to join us for a deeply informative presentation on the unique development of southern Chinese culture. Our presenter Victor Lim graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Asian Studies and Asian American Studies, and currently serves as a legislative aide to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He is very passionate about this topic, and you are sure to gain surprising new perspectives!

Artist Talk: J Kung Dreyfus

Join Present Tense artist Jessica Kung Dreyfus on Saturday, September 19, 2015; 2PM to 3PM at CCC Visual Art Center. Her work explores the relationship between technology, language, and body. For the talk “Something about the Progression of an Idea,” Dreyfus will share her artwork and creative process.

Artist Talk – Spatial Construction: Identity Construction by Chiyomi McKibbin

Join us for an artist talk from Chiyomi McKibbin on color, dwellings and interior spaces, perfection and desire. As featured in the current exhibition Present Tense: Future Perfect, McKibbin will share these ideas through her artwork and creative process.

How to Think and Work Like an Artist: A Conversation with artist Fang Lu and Present Tense

The idea of being an artist, is more than a profession. It is about a type of attitude and way of thinking, which is important within the art field, and it is also something can be carried out in our life and into other professions.

Roots Seminar: Humanism Vs. Legalism

Please join us for a fascinating upcoming talk, “Humanism vs. Legalism,” on the Chinese legal system, featuring Tom Klitgaard Esq.

Artist and Curator Talk with Fong Chung-ray and guest curator Manni Liu

Join us for a Artist & Curator Talk! Fong Chung-ray and guest curator Manni Liu will engage in a stimulating dialogue about art, history, and the development of Fong Chung-ray as an artist from the Taiwanese modernist movement in the 1950s and 1960s to today’s global interest in ink painting.

Roots Seminar: Wetlands Restoration in China

Please join us for a fascinating upcoming talk, “Humanism vs. Legalism,” on the Chinese legal system, featuring Tom Klitgaard Esq.Among the subjects that will be covered are the increasing emphasis on fairness rather than rights; solving problems in lieu of just resolving legal issues; pragmatism vs. mental gymnastics; learning from the evolving comparisons of legal systems in Hong Kong and Macao; as well as looking at effects from China’s wealth.

Central Subway Artist Workshop

Poet in Residence, Lauren Huang will lead two workshops with SF performance/visual artist and curator, Justin Hoover and Gold Mountain Society to create various poems based on the Angel Island Immigration Stories. Hoover will participate and create work that will be on display in Chinatown murals and Storefronts in 2013.

Lecture/Painting Demonstration by Chen Jiang Hong

On Saturday, November 14th, 2009, Chinese-French artist and author Chen Jiang Hong will honor us with his presence, to give a lecture and painting demonstration. This event will be held at the Chinese Culture Center’s gallery, from

“Hands-on-Puzzles” Workshops

Along with the Chinese Puzzles exhibition, the Chinese Culture Center will be offering hands-on sessions to school groups and Summer/Fall programs.

Tai Chi Workshop

Welcome Sifu Chen Xiang & Sifu Feng Xiuqian! Chinese Culture Center is proud to host a workshop for Tai Chi lovers. Masters Chen Xiang and Feng Xiuqian from Beijing will demonstrate Hunyuan Taijiquan, an abbreviation for Chen Shi Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan, and have a mini workshop on the internal “gong” exercises that are the foundation of Taijis power.

Calligraphy workshop 《書法》研討班

Dating back more than 5000 years, Chinese calligraphy involves the use of bold, expressive brushstrokes to portray the essence of a given word while simultaneously revealing the spirit and expression of the artist. This workshop combines lecture and practice; it serves as an introduction to Chinese calligraphy, including its techniques, concepts, aesthetic, philosophy and history, as well as its relationship to Chinese brush painting.

Family Workshops

Chinese Culture Center Presented Family Weekend Workshops in May of 2005, more are coming in 2006 !