Into the Nearness of Distance




This catalog accompanies the exhibition “Summer Mei-Ling Lee: Into the Nearness of Distance.” Lee is the 6th Annual XianRui (Fresharp) Artist in Excellence. Opening in Summer 2014, the 6th Annual XianRui titled Into the Nearness of Distance not only will incorporate a solo exhibition in the newly designated Visual Art Center of the Chinese Culture Foundation, but also at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, community collaborations, and performances in public spaces. This “collaborative solo” embodies both the artist’s creative process, as well as the fresh presentation approach that echoes the geographical and psychological proximity depicted by her work. Into the Nearness of Distance explores the fragile relationship between absence and presence and the human relationship to the unknowable. Capturing a sense of longing for but inevitable failure to reconnect with ancestors who once lived in Chinatown, Lee’s work focuses thematically upon the universality of generational estrangement from a rooted but also distancing culture.