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AAPI Community Heroes Mural

Deadline to Submit: Monday, September 20, 2021

Pictured from left to right: Fred Korematsu, Jade Snow Wong, Susan Ahn Cuddy, Wong Kim Ark, Patsy Mink, and Kala Bagai

We want to celebrate your hero on a Chinatown mural!


Who is your AAPI Community Hero?

Instructions for submission:

Step 1) Click on the Google form link above

Step 2) Name who your AAPI Hero is (First & Last name)

Step 3) Write a short Statement (150 words or less) on Who is your AAPI Hero? and tell us why they are your AAPI hero?

For any questions or further information contact:



About the project:

Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco (CCC) is pleased to announce “AAPI Community Heroes” a mural project in Chinatown San Francisco. This is an exciting opportunity for students of all ages to participate and get a voice in who they look up to. This mural project will be accomplished through community participation with outreach to over 100 schools. Students will be involved in the nomination and choice of which figures will be featured on this mural. Supported by Wells Fargo Foundation.


This project aims to help highlight AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) stories and important figures. There is more work to be done to understand the needs of educators so we can enhance our AAPI curricula in schools. Our objective is to not only give youth a platform to speak but also create an opportunity to fill in the missing AAPI stories and voices that are missing from what students learn. Students will feel empowered through this process and gain a sense of ownership over their community space. With the current state of increased xenophobia and anti-Asian hate crimes and violence, it's important to thoughtfully discuss what is happening and what are people doing about it.

CCC recognizes that there is not enough Asian American history and resources accessible to K-12 educators. With this mural project, we plan to create a creative placemaking project in which AAPI activists will be highlighted and celebrated.




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