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Chinatown Music Festival

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The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco holds an annual Chinatown Music Festival in August.


This celebration is a day of free outdoor music and cultural exploration. Those who attend can expect a fun day full of music, dance, crafts, games, and cultural diversity in Chinatown's Portsmouth Square. 

This multi-cultural festival creates a deeper understanding of the creativity and diversity of Chinatown, and what the community has to offer through music.

For More Info on the 2022 Festival, please visit here

Dancing on Waverly

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Dancing on Waverly features a diverse range of dance styles and performances that celebrate Chinatown as a crossroads of local and international creativity. 

The festival focuses on the community as an arts destination for both locals and visitors alike to experience one of San Francisco's celebrated cultural communities. It activates an underutilized public space, builds community and builds community through art and vibrancy.

Dancing on Waverly highlights various businesses, restaurants, and shopping on Chinatown's historic Waverly Place,  between Clay and Sacramento Street. It is a free, fun-filled afternoon of dancing, music, and activities for kids!

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