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“Art Bites” Chinatown Art Block Party

“Art Bites” Chinatown Art Block Party


Date: Friday, June 14, 2024

Time: Friday, 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: 800 Grant Ave




Presented by: Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco and Edge on the Square

Supported by: San Francisco Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development



[Program description]

Co-presented by the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco and Edge on the Square, "Art Bites" is a series of pop-up art stations at the lively Chinatown Night Market. This celebration of Chinatown's creativity, community spirit, and joy will take place on Friday, June 14th along the iconic Grant Avenue (between Clay and Washington streets).

Transforming the neighborhood into “bite-sized” art experiences, this block party promises an eclectic fusion of music, dance, and contemporary art activation. Come see the heart of Chinatown come to life and enjoy these delightful art bites!


Art Pop-up: "When their home is gone, where do the pigeons go?" by artist Bijun Liang

Free Pigeon is an interactive free-roaming installation in which inflatable pigeons act as the carrier connecting people within and outside the exhibit. Pigeons are flown out of their nest based within the Chinese Culture Center, while visitors are asked to guide our traveling pigeons home. Pigeons have long been associated with the delivery of messages, as homing pigeons during wartime and as the key postal system in Chinese mythology. In recent times, pigeons are also one of the top populations impacted by the upcoming renovation of the nearby Portsmouth Square Park, a gathering place for many in Chinatown today.

The Public Opinion Pigeon Organization (THE POPO) extends this project, releasing 'opinionated pigeons' into the public sphere during the “Art Bites” Chinatown Art Block Party. Festival-goers will engage with the pigeons, sharing their thoughts and opinions on various issues, shaping a collective voice. The pigeons roam free, sparking conversations and gathering diverse perspectives. This project gathers the individual voices that shape our shared reality, offering a unique snapshot of Chinatown's thoughts, hopes, and concerns.

About Bijun Liang:

Bijun Liang is a Chinese-American artist based in San Francisco, CA. Her practice encompasses interactive installations and public art. Using a unique blend of playfulness, humor, and crowdsourcing, Liang puts the voices of the community at the forefront of the art she creates. In recent years, Liang exhibited her works at The Headlands Center for the Arts, Chinatown Media & Arts Collaborative, the Chinese Culture Center, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Her recent accomplishments include creating murals like "Fufufufufu" and "Welcome to Chilltown," as well as community-based installations such as "Facepalm" and "Omens in Chinatown." Liang has been recognized in art collections on SuperRare and LACMA.

TICA on Tour - Toolbox Voyage:

TICA on Tour - Toolbox Voyage, a collaborative sound and music performance by collective Toolbox Percussion with students and faculty of Education University of Hong Kong. The performance includes a multimedia musical compilation of snare drums by Austin Yip, a percussion quintet playing Canto-pop medley, and an iPad E-Orchestra.

About Toolbox Percussion

Toolbox Percussion has been driving percussive arts programming in Hong Kong since 2012, curating ambitious music projects in innovative ways. Toolbox Percussion, as a creative incubator, works to make new music happen by commissioning, collaborating, professional training, performing, recording and touring contemporary performances. ​Believing in the beautiful concerted efforts of every young talent we involve, Toolbox continues to empower audiences to discover versatility in daily soundscapes by anchoring our work closely to the here and now of Hong Kong. Over the past seasons, Toolbox Percussion toured to Asia Culture Center at Gwangju in South Korea and made its US debut at the San Francisco International Arts Festival.

Music: Dance Floor by Microtone

Microtone has been sharing her musical discoveries for a decade at KALX 90.7 FM in Berkeley, California. Microtone makes mixes to share musical discoveries old and new, to connect with kindred listeners and extraterrestrials, and to journey through time, space, and mood.

About Microtone:

Menghsin Horng, known on air as Microtone, has been curating musical playlists for decades -- on cassette tape, CDR, radio, and for the occasional live event. Freeform radio taught her to embrace an experimental and exploratory approach to mixmaking. You can catch her live on KALX 90.7 FM Berkeley, currently on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 AM to noon.


舊金山中華文化中心和藝在棱角共同呈獻【一口藝術 Art Bites】。“一口藝術” 街頭派對以藝術小站的形式,在熱鬧的華埠夜市閃現。6月14日週五,活動會在華埠地標——都板街800街區(企李街和華盛頓街之間)——舉行,充分展現華埠的創意、活力和社區精神。



梁璧君,美籍華裔藝術家,現於加州三藩市工作、生活,作品以互動裝置和公共藝術為主。她的作品俏皮、幽默、有親和力,常常把社區訴求放在首位,鼓勵群眾參與。近年來, 梁璧君的作品曾在赫德蘭藝術中心、 華埠媒體和藝術協會、中華文化中心和芳草地藝術中心展出。 最新作品包括社區壁畫 「Fufufufufu」 和 「Welcome to Chilltown」 以及社區裝置 「Facepalm」 和 「Omens in Chinatown」。 梁璧君的作品被SuperRare加密藝術平台和洛杉磯郡立美術館收藏。



Co-presented by:

Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco

Chinese Culture Center (CCC) is a non-profit arts organization established in 1965. CCC elevates underserved communities and gives voice to equality through education and contemporary art. Rooted in San Francisco’s Chinatown, CCC is a loud and creative voice to uplift social, cultural, and economic transformation. The CCC champions resiliency and healthy communities by funding artists. In doing so, we shift dominant narratives, empower change, and reimagine our futures.

Edge on the Square

Located at the heart of San Francisco Chinatown and the first project envisioned by Chinatown Media & Arts Collaborative (CMAC), Edge on the Square is a year-round contemporary art hub that produces artistic programs with civic engagement to shape the cultural, social, and historical fabric of our lives. We believe in the emancipatory power of art and its ability to catalyze community-building, cross-cultural solidarity, and collective arising. Edge is free and open to the public at 800 Grant Avenue, San Francisco Chinatown.



中華文化中心 (CCC)是1965年成立的非營利藝術機構。CCC通過教育和現代藝術,為資源不足群體和主張平等的聲音提供平台。紮根三藩市華埠,我們用大膽、創意的方式推動社會、文化和經濟蛻變,通過資助藝術家,建立頑強、健康的社區。以此,我們改寫權勢者的敘述,驅動改變,重塑未來。




Co-presented by:

Supported by:

In partnership with Chinatown Night Market by BeChinatown.

Additional Artist Support by:


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