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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs! A Lunar New Year Art Pop-Up

February 22, 2018 - March 17, 2018

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs! A Lunar New Year Art Pop-Up

On view gallery

February 22 - March 17

Thursday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm

The opening: February 22, Thursday, 5-8 pm

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs! A Lunar New Year Art Pop-up presents artwork curated by Sketchpad Gallery, Leon Sun, and Pamela Ybañez. This diverse and eclectic pop-up show celebrates the new year with a fresh take on dogs and dog-themed artwork. Hosted by the CCC Design Store, contributing partners have been invited to design individual pop-ups in the CCC gallery space, with most work available for purchase.

CCC Design Store (Instagram @cccdesignstore) is the Chinese Culture Center’s unique store featuring fresh curated pieces made by contemporary artists and designers. Visitors will find local and international, one-of-a-kind, and limited edition art pieces, and creative space for pop-up events and exhibitions from the artist community. The artist and design-driven store’s approach provides a platform for emerging artists and designers while also supporting the CCC’s mission to uplift the community.


Sketchpad is a gallery based in the heart of San Francisco specializing in contemporary and entertainment illustration. Sketchpad was founded in 2015 by three industry veterans with over 40 combined years of experience in design, art, and editorial illustration. The vision for Sketchpad is to highlight both local illustrators and the craftspeople behind the film and video games’ most enduring works. Sketchpad also houses a retail space specializing in books, art supplies, and limited edition exclusive prints.


Curator: Leon Sun

I once asked a lama in Bhutan if it was “weird” of me to love my dog as much as a human. He said that humans and animals help each other in their efforts toward a higher reincarnation. We are fellow travelers on the spiritual path. What better way to mark the Year of the Dog than by celebrating the special friendship between humans and dogs? And what better way to do it than through art?

Because the ratio of human to dog years is 1:7, the love between dogs and us is multiplied seven times.

Blind Love

Curator: Pamela Ybañez

As the eleventh animal in the Chinese Zodiac, dogs are thought of as one of the most faithful friends humans have come to know. The bonds formed being as intense and deep as any relationship could be, the key element being a blind faith in love from our four-legged companion. As we celebrate the Lunar New Year for 2018, we welcome the Year of the Dog. May this friendship between humans and dogs expand our own humanity by increasing patience, love, and generosity within ourselves.


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