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[Sing Tao Daily] Ghost Festival Art Workshop Landed at Chinatown Station

Organised by the Chinese Cultural Centre and co-organised by the Community Youth Centre (CYC), Art Together and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the Chinatown Ghost Festival Art Workshop will be held from yesterday (7 July) to 28 August at the open-air square of Bailan Station in Chinatown every Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 26pm.

Four artists from Hong Kong, Peggy Chan, Rik Yu, Zhe Zhang and KY Wong, will be invited by the Chinese Cultural Centre to participate in the public art project at the station. The exhibition and interactive projects include: teaching how to make a paper ghostly face "Black and White Mask - Impermanence Experience Center", folk paper tie art, experiential calligraphy to write inner monologues, bamboo fence tied fish-shaped lanterns, etc.

Read the full report at the link below!




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