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I Dream of Chinatown Theaters | 盼想鑼鼓響

Artist Vida Kuang creates new mural inspired by Chinatown theaters

September, 2020

Situated at the site of the former Sun Sing Theater, “I Dream of Chinatown Theaters” by artist Vida Kuang recalls a vibrant Chinatown cultural hub and theater district, with seven theaters.

In partnership with Project Artivism and the Chinatown Merchants Association, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco Chinatown Visitor Information Center, the collaboration for “Walkway Weekends” brings together art to support the community’s reopening.

“The mural features a grandma and child watching a Cantonese opera star,” says the artist, Vida Kuang. “I want to honor all the stories I’ve heard of Sun Sing Theatre, back when it served as a babysitter for many Chinatown children.”

“With few artistic opportunities to tell Chinatown’s stories, it’s great to see more projects supporting the growth and development of artists and underserved voices,” says CCC curator Hoi Leung. “We hope this work will inspire more art in the community.”


I Dream of Chinatown Theaters (2020) 「盼想鑼鼓響」

Public Art, part of Project Artivism

Artist: Vida Kuang 鄺楚瑩

1027 Grant Ave

San Francisco, CA 94108

(in Chinatown on Grant Ave)


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