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[KTSF 26] San Francisco Launches Pilot Program To Help Artists Living And Working In The City

Due to the epidemic and inflation, many artists' income has been greatly reduced, so much that they choose to leave San Francisco, but a pilot plan may help them.

Wu Jiatian said, "In different places from other traditions, it has won a lot of policy exemptions and protected many artistic benefits in this way, but this is only a pilot plan, so there is no way to get such a policy exemption for other funds now. We hope this model can prove that this time. This model can be sustained and can be learned and promoted by other funding methods."

The San Francisco Chinese Cultural Foundation and Center announced the establishment of a partnership with Fangcaodi Art Center to pay $1,000 per month to 60 eligible San Francisco artists within 18 months. This guaranteed income cash subsidy pilot program is specially used to support artists living and working in San Francisco.

Read the full report at the link below!




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