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[Podcast-Art Is Awesome!] Ceramic Artist Cathy Lu - Our Debut Episode!

Captured from Podcast, Art Is Awesome !

EPISODE SUMMARY Welcome to our debut episode of Art is Awesome! As host Emily Wilson spends time with Richmond ceramic artist Cathy Lu.

EPISODE NOTES Welcome to Awesome, the show where we talk with an artist or art worker with a connection to the San Francisco Bay Area. Today, Emily chats with Richmond ceramics artist, Cathy Lu. Cathy is one of the winners of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s prestigious SECA award and her work is on display on the second floor of the museum for free through the end of May. About Artist Cathy Lu: Cathy grew up in Miami, in a family of immigrants from Taiwan and China. Her work manipulates traditional Chinese art objects and symbols as a way to deconstruct the assumptions we have about Asian American identity and cultural authenticity. By creating ceramic based sculptures and large scale installations, she explores what it means to be both Asian and American, while not being entirely accepted as either. Unpacking how experiences of immigration, cultural hybridity, and cultural assimilation become part of the larger American identity is central to her work. Visit Cathy's Website: Follow Cathy on Instagram: @_cathyclu_ -- About Podcast Host Emily Wilson: Emily a writer in San Francisco, with work in outlets including Hyperallergic, Artforum, 48 Hills, the Daily Beast, California Magazine, Latino USA, and Women’s Media Center. She often writes about the arts. For years, she taught adults getting their high school diplomas at City College of San Francisco. Follow Emily on Instagram: @PureEWil Follow Art Is Awesome on Instagram: @ArtIsAwesome_Podcast

Read more information and listen to Potcast at the link below!




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