#ProcessWithArtists 2020

Since April 2020, in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, CCC launched the special virtual programming #ProcessWithArtists on our Instagram and website.

16 artists, artist groups, art organizations shared verbal and visual tips or stories of how they are coping through their artistic processes during the pandemic. This rigorous process both serves as a way for CCC's community to learn how to better support and listen to artists, as well as serving as a unique platform to promote process-driven ideas.

The project has garnered more than 5K views and received a lot of inspiring feedback and comments.🙌

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Special thanks to our artists for their wonderful contributions: 

Tina Takemoto(@tt_takemoto)

Stella Zhang(@stellazhang_0)

Chun Yu 

Michael Warr(@warrzoneinstant)

Heesoo Kwon(@leymusoom)

Cathy Lu(@_cathyclu_)

Gao Ling(ling_pq)

Hung Chun Zhang(@hong_chun_zhang)

Toolbox percussion(@toolboxpercussion)

Kuang-Yu Tsui(@kuangyutsui)

Hung Tzu Ni(@iitzunii)

Felicia Chiao(@feliciachiao)

Kevin VQ Dam(@kevinvqdam) 

Jocelyn Tsaih(@jocelyntsaih)

Leon Sun, Queer Reads Library(@queer_reads_library)


Thanks to the general support by Grants for the Arts; San Francisco Foundation; San Francisco Arts Commission - CEI; Wells Fargo Foundation; Fleishhacker Foundation; San Francisco Arts & Artists Relief Fund; made possible through the support of San Francisco Arts Commission and Grants for the Arts; under the direction of Mayor London Breed; and administered by Center for Cultural Innovation; Zellerbach Family Foundation. 


Queer Reads Library

This week we are featuring the zine collection from Queer Reads Library 流動閱酷 (QRL, @queer_reads_library). Co-founded by Beatrix Pang (@smalltunepress), Kaitlin Chen (@chen_jiaxian) and artist-writer Rachel Lau (@racholauart), QRL is a Hong Kong-based mobile collection of books and independently published zines centered around queer subjectivity.

Queer Reads Library Book Selections1/3:

Socialist Realism by Trisha Low(tuhreesh)is a book-length essay about the author’s move from Singapore to New York, then the Bay Area. Her book explores gatekeeping within queer communities and activism in important and challenging ways, reminding us that identity and notions of belonging are often not straightforward or easy.  

Queer Reads Library Book Selections 2/3:

Who is responsible for the extinction of p.e.pants? : The Days of Being Short, a documentation by Chenmiji(@chen_mi_ji), published by A book of no significance, Jan17, 2010. 

*W14.3 x H19.7cm, 146 pages, Hand bound, Mono-color printed

Archived and collected by Queer Reads Library

*Donated by Chenmiji


Queer Reads Library Book Selections 3/3:

Tension by Pearl Low(@fumichun) is a personal and heartfelt comic about the artist’s experience growing up as a Jamaican-Chinese girl in Vancouver, BC. Low’s comic traces her hair journey from childhood to present day while touching on the intimate and political tensions that come with having curly hair. Low reminds us that the personal is political and the political is personal.

Co-founders of QRL Beatrix Pang(@smalltunepress), Kaitlin Chen (@chen_jiaxian) and artist-writer Rachel Lau(@racholaua)talk about their practices and reflections during the pandemic.



In 2019, ALEXANDMUSHI (@alexandmushi), a collaboration between Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James, presented performance piece “Chair Conversation” on the theme of memory and the body for “The Body Electric”(curated by @re.riddle) at 41Ross gallery:


“In ‘Chair Conversations’, a non-verbal durational practice, each artist takes a turn moving the other’s body while one sits eyes closed. Their goal is to practice seeing and being seen.”


Two Chairs is a non verbal and durational performance (20-40 minutes).

ALEXANDMUSHI. Two Chairs: Mulino, Venice. 2017

ALEXANDMUSHI. Two Chairs: Mitzpe Ramon, Israel. 2020

ALEXANDMUSHI. Chair Conversations: French Quarter, New Orleans.2018


Jocelyn Tsaih

We invite Taiwanese-American Artist Jocelyn Tsaih (@jocelyntsaih) to share her mural process video in NY Chinatown.

In March, 2020, Jocelyn initiated the “Save Our Chinatowns”❤️ campaign to collect funds to donate to the businesses in both Chinatowns that are financially suffering from the pandemic. 

“The local Chinatown communities have a special place in my heart as they have always provided a slice of home for me. I deeply admire the resilience of Chinese and Asian American immigrants who have created a home and a living for themselves here and I hope I can help some of them sustain their businesses and livelihoods.”

Saving Chinatown Campaign




Kuang-yu Tsui

In#HomeVideo, artist Kuang-Yu Tsui (@kuangyutsui) shares his reflections on staying at home during the COVID-19 pandamic.

“But everyone should know that we are evolving with the virus and the entire ecosystem.”


Heesoo Kwon

Artist Heesoo Kwon (@leymusoom), based in Oakland, California, creates this experimental video featuring her avatars (ancestors) during the shelter-in-place days.

“I am trying to find some meaning of the format of the game and the users' gestures of controlling my character and experiencing my shelter in place. And I am thinking about how my ancestors' would work in the game format.”