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[Sing Tao Daily] Funding For 60 Artists Per Month $1,000 Cultural Center Quota Of 10 People Selected

Four funded artists and representatives of the Chinese Cultural Center took a group photo. From left are cartoonist Lei Zushun, art educator Kylie Panday, Christian Medina Beltz, representative of Fangcao Art Center, Liang Kaixin, executive director of Chinese Cultural Center, Tan Nian Tie, chairman of the Eighthwa Hall of the United States, and illustrator Jeanette Laz. Am, Kuang Chuying and Wu Jiatian of the Chinese Cultural Center. Photo by reporter Zhou Zijun.

San Francisco Chinese Cultural Center announced that it cooperated with Fangcaodi Art Center and five other community art and cultural institutions to form a "Creative Community Coalition", and launched an unprecedented "Pilot of Guaranteed Income Cash Subsidy" for Artists. The plan will subsidize 1,000 yuan each of 60 artists every month for 18 months to help artists tide over the epidemic. The number of 60 artists has been allocated to the selection of art and cultural institutions in various communities. The Chinese Cultural Center is responsible for selecting 10 of them. At present, candidates have been found. The Chinese Cultural Center and the four selected artists held a press conference on June 29 to announce the start of the project.

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