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[Sing Tao Daily] The first step in renovating the garden corner, the counselors approve demolition

The San Francisco City Counselor passed a motion on Tuesday to recover the permission of Unicom Garden Corner Square and Hilton Hotel pedestrian bridge above Kearny Street. The hotel owner will be responsible for demolishing the overpass and preparing for the renovation project of Garden Corner Square.

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Zhen Jinhao, the municipal counselor, introduced that the construction of high-rise buildings in the year of public investment was opposed, and an agreement was reached with the community. As an exchange for the construction of a high-rise hotel, the hotel needs to provide a venue for the Chinese Cultural Center and build a footbridge connecting the Chinese Cultural Center and Garden Corner Square. However, because the overpass is still a private asset, soon after its completion, the entrance of the overpass was equipped with an iron gate, and the residents of Chinatown could not use it freely. The overpass also brings potential safety hazards to the community. The area on the second floor of the garden corner is blocked by the shadow of the bridge is unsafe, and the edge of the bridge has also become a gathering place for the homeless.

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