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[SingTao Daily] New Mural in Chinatown's Ross Alley

How does a blind man light up art in the dark? The Chinese Cultural Center (CCC) launched a new groundbreaking project, Chi Chi Master: Disability Art Residency Program” led by Hong Kong artist Clayton Lo and artistic collaborator Jeff Ng, at 41 Ross in San Francisco's Chinatown on August 8, showcasing a new storefront mural, "Some Joy, Some Hope, a Spark," by Valerie Win Liu, which is located just outside the storefront. The mural is a joyful and celebratory representation of the vibrancy of Chinatown.

The Art Residency will meet the public on February 10th, the first day of the Chinese New Year, inviting people to recognize the experience of living with blindness through festive rituals and cultural memories that inspire the diversity and imagination of Asian art and culture. The 3-week residency program and community events will continue until March 2nd.




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