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Spring Festival: Martial Spirit

February 11, 2017

Spring Festival: Martial Spirit

On view gallery

February 11


Spring Festival Martial Arts Performances 11 am-2 pm

Exhibition Opening Ceremony 2 pm-4 pm

A special edition of the Spring Festival will coincide with the opening of Martial Spirit, the CCC's newest exhibition, and will highlight martial arts as well as musical and dance performances by local artists. Performances will include a lion dance, various martial arts performances, dancing, and music.

Martial Spirit / 神武 - Led by artist Justin Hoover in collaboration with Kung Fu masters and artists, locally and globally, Martial Spirit transforms popular perceptions about martial arts practices through art and features a solo exhibition, community workshops at Ping Yuen public housing, archival documentation, and performances at Spring Festival. Martial Spirit is a part of "Building Our Town", a series of powerful art initiatives to build community.

Martial Spirit is presented by the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, with support from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), California Arts Council, Grants for the Arts, and Bloomberg Philanthropies.


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