41 Ross Artist-in-Residence Program


On view: 

Leymusoom Sarangbang ( 레이무숨 사랑방 // 六毋神之舍)


41 Ross

Thursday - Saturday

11 - 4 pm

The Chinese Culture Center (CCC) proudly presents 41 Ross Artist-in-Residence, an exchange platform for emerging API artists to develop work and expand on community-based practices located in SF’s Chinatown. Headquartered at 41 Ross, the Artist-in-Residence program builds upon CCC’s unique decade-long history in providing a platform for the artists’ experimental, conceptual, and research-based practices in an environment that strikes the balance between foregrounding artistic exploration, working within a cultural community, and promoting exchange amongst wider audiences.


Artists are invited to develop, produce, and present projects in Chinatown while supporting the social and economic recovery in the neighborhood; each artist will also receive mentorship from a CCC alumni artist. The first season of the program will feature artists working in futurist and speculative thinking, feminist discourse, and communal practices.


For public programs, behind-the-scenes, and more:

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"Leymusoom Square" x Heesoo Kwon 六毋神 x 權希樹

March-May 2022

"Leymusoom Square" is a technology and social practice project that transforms 41 Ross into a spiritual space and a “pop-up park” to explore womxn/queer liberation. The artist will perform communal rituals in parallel with a digital utopia. The residency program expands on her continued work exploring her personal history and rapidly changing cultural landscape with emerging technologies. Heesoo will collaborate with Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC) Youths, neighboring businesses, and cultural groups.

“During my residency in Ross, I hope to learn more about the neighbors and their histories related to the neighborhood. I love the magical energy of this neighborhood. I wish to inspire the neighbors with my art as well and become good friends! “ — Heesoo Kwon


About Heesoo Kwon:












Heesoo Kwon is a visual artist and anthropologist from South Korea currently based in the Bay Area, California. In 2017, Kwon initiated an autobiographical feminist religion Leymusoom, as an ever-evolving exploration of her family histories and feminist liberation. Kwon received her Masters of Fine Art from UC Berkeley in 2019. Her work has been the subject of solo exhibitions at Et Al and Studio 2W, San Francisco; Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, Berkeley; and CICA Museum and Visual Space Gunmulsai, South Korea. She has participated in group exhibitions at the CICA Museum; BAMPFA, Berkeley; 47 Canal, New York; Chinese Culture Center, San Francisco; Slash Gallery, San Francisco; and Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK, among others. In 2012 Kwon received the Female Inventor of the Year Award from the Korean Intellectual Property Office. Her other accolades include the Young Korean Artist Award from the CICA Museum, a finalist in the 20th Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival, a finalist of the Sheffield DocFest Arts Programme, the Roselyn Schneider Eisner Prize for Photos and Art Practice from UC Berkeley, a finalist of the Queer|Art|Prize of recent works in 2021.



Leymusoom SarangBang Grand Opening 

(레이무숨 사랑방 개장 행사 // 六毋神之舍廊房慶典)













Time:Friday, April 15th - 5:00PM

location: 41 Ross/ Ross Alley


Hosted by CCC and Heesoo Kwon, join us for a night of special performances to lustrate Ross Alley, Chinatown. 


This event’s namesake “Sarangbang” (사랑방, 舍廊房) references a study and leisure room located in Korean traditional houses that were designated only for men. However, when you take the Korean word apart, ‘sarang’ means love, and ‘bang’ means room. For the artist, the ‘Room of Love” emerges as a conceptual space for prospering feminism and queer fluidity through leisure and communal activities. On Friday April 15, join us at the “Sarangbang '' to explore a digital shrine of Chinatown small businesses, play time-travel ping pong, hang out by the shrimp BBQ, and be a part of the Leymusoom universe! 


As a part of the artist’s ongoing practice “Leymusoom,” this ceremony is co-created with community members and is inspired by the urban conditions of the neighborhood, while also marking the midway point of  Heesoo’s 3-month residency period.

Recognizing the neighborhood as a universe of converging connections and relationships , the artist brings together community members and Asian diaspora guest artists to celebrate our past, present and future with a communal ceremony.  


5:00 PM | Doors open

5:30 - 7:30PM  | Ceremony hosted by Heesoo Kwon 

Shrimp Car March by Andrew Sungtaek Ingersoll and Oliver Hawk 

Taste of Desire by Sun Park 

Rhythmic Dances by Portsmouth Square Dance Club

Communal 3D Scanning by Heesoo Kwon 

Hwa Performance by Hwa Records


About Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco

Chinese Culture Center (CCC) is a non-profit arts organization established in 1965. CCC elevates underserved communities and gives voice to equality through education and contemporary art. Rooted in San Francisco’s Chinatown, CCC is a loud and creative voice to uplift social and economical transformation. We provide a safe environment for artists who champion activism, resiliency, and healthy communities. In doing so, we shift dominant narratives, empower change, and reimagine our futures.


About 41 Ross

Situated in historic Ross Alley in San Francisco Chinatown, 41 Ross launched in 2014 as a collaboration between the Chinatown Community Development Center and the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco. Functioning as an art gallery, interactive creative studio, and community resource space, 41 Ross brings together local residents, neighbors, and visitors to engage in art and culture-making activities. Through its cultural programming, 41 Ross aims to promote dialogue, appreciation, and creative engagement around the local culture practice by everyday people in Chinatown.





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