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Gallery Volunteers

The Chinese Culture Center (CCC) is seeking Gallery Volunteers to assist with our Visual Art Center, design shop, 41 Ross, and art programs at our Center located at the heart of San Francisco. The CCC Visual Art Center presents contemporary art, innovative artists, and interactive communications. This position is integral to our public engagement strategy to elevate the underserved and give voice to equality. We want everyone to leave with a positive impression and understanding of our contemporary arts and our vibrant community.


You will work closely with the Exhibition Manager, as well as other members of the CCC family. Volunteers will engage visitors, learn about current exhibitions, and be an integral part of the organization. Great for someone who loves the arts and community, sharing culture to others in a meaningful way, and challenging stereotypes. Also great for people who want to learn about visual arts, community, museum studies,  and the local San Francisco art scene. 


Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Visitor engagement and support: greet visitors, engage with visitors on the current exhibition, art, and the community.

  • Work with the art team in art program coordination.

  • Providing educational support for the Center, Chinatown, and discussions about art in low-income neighborhoods, contemporary art, challenging stereotypes, and other topics.

  • Presentations & Tours: Give tours to small groups of visitors, school groups, and community groups as needed.

  • General office administrative duties as needed (phone, email, etc.)

  • Translation (English/Chinese) skill preferred.

Responsibilities will be assigned according to candidate’s qualification. A curriculum of learning will be designed for each qualified intern/volunteer.



Ideally volunteers need to have stable working schedule during the program (minimum 3 months long with 2-3 days a week), as we hope all interns/volunteers can have sufficient time to work closely with the staff, learn about the community, participate and get fully involved in the programs.

For interested candidates, send resume and a paragraph about yourself to Janet at to join our CCC volunteer family and learn more about opportunities to get involved.

Gallery Volunteers
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