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“Asian American Community Heroes” Mural Unveiling

Click/Tap the image below to "unveil the mural" and learn more about each hero:

Location: 706 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

Over the course of a year-long process, CCC in collaboration with Wells Fargo Foundation welcomed students of all ages to submit inspirational figures from history or their personal lives to be depicted on an exciting and timely public mural. With a final selection from a community panel of experts, this project will be unveiled on April 27th, Wednesday. This project provided the community a platform to share, uplift, and celebrate important Asian Americans and community stories and voices.

Recognizing the gaps in Asian American history and resources for educators and teachers, this upcoming participatory mural fills narratives missing from mainstream curriculum and public history. We are thrilled to highlight and celebrate local and everyday heroes. Join the unveiling to hear from the youth, the Community Heroes, and be part of the launch!



June 2022

Thank you for celebrating with us for the unveiling of the new mural on Jackson and Grant that celebrates Asian American community heroes. We want to acknowledge that by originally naming this mural as “AAPI Community Heroes" when there are no Pacific Islander heroes present, further erases and marginalizes Pacific Islander voices. We recognize that Pacific Islander community members have been calling out Asian American communities for decades on the use of “AAPI” and “API” when there are no Pacific Islander voices and leadership represented. As a diasporic East Asian culture center, we will continue to learn and listen. Thank you to everyone who called us in. We are changing the name of the mural and project to “Asian American Community Heroes” on all platforms: social, website, including physical plaque. Chinese Culture Center




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