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[DATEBOOK] S.F. Chinatown’s first daylong arts festival aims to make neighborhood feel safe again

A mural painted by collaborating artists Bijun Liang and Yumei Huo is seen on the side of a building at Grant Avenue and Clay Street in S.F.’s Chinatown.

In 2018, Teng and others gathered a kind of super-team of organizations — Chinese for Affirmative Action, Chinatown Community Development Center, the Chinese Culture Center, the Chinese Historical Society, Angel Island Immigration Foundation, and the Center for Asian American Media — to create Chinatown Media & Arts Collaborative. The nonprofit, Teng noted, intends to unify the strengths of these groups into one fortified voice for not only the neighborhood but for all of the Asian American Pacific Islanders in the area and other marginalized groups across the nation.

Read the full report at the link below!




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