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[BAVC Media] Transmission Studio CCCSF with Hoi Leung

Transmission Studio is a series of intimate conversations with the independent artists and community-based organizations living and working within the vibrant, complicated and ever-evolving ecosystem of San Francisco arts and culture. It aspires to inform, inspire and more importantly spark meaningful and critical dialogue on the state of the artists who remain committed to this city in spite of unprecedented social, economic and political challenges.

In this episode, we bring you a conversation with Hoi Leung, the Deputy Director of the Chinese Culture Center. Hoi oversees the internal culture, programs and operations of the organization. Leung was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the US in 2004. Previously, Leung was the Curator at CCC for 4 years, where she established a distinct practice specializing in Asian diasporic contemporary art, developing emerging artists, and designing community engagement in immigrant neighborhood settings. Leung is an emerging leader in the field as she devotes her unique background in artist support and community curation into building a healthy, sustainable, and imaginative arts ecosystem.




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