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[Sing Tao Daily] Cross Cultural youth artist speaks out through visual impact

Hoi Leung, Curator of the Chinese Cultural Center, introduces the works to the elders.

Photo by reporter Huang Weijiang

The San Francisco Chinese Cultural Center showcased the commitment of the younger generation to healing, resilience, and empowerment through the perspective of high school students. The "RISE" Youth Art Exhibition took place last night (June 9) in San Francisco's Chinatown, specifically at 41 ROSS.

"RISE" delves into the relationships young people have with their families, friends, and neighbors, exploring how life experiences have shaped their present circumstances. The exhibition also highlights the diverse identities of these young artists, including the elevation of queer history and lore, and examines the significance of fostering a sense of belonging. Through their artwork, these emerging artists are crafting their own narratives to gain a deeper understanding of their self-perceptions.

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