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[KQED] Migrant Women Will March With Flags of Resilience in SF’s Chinese New Year Parade

Over a year of extensive planning led to Yap’s How I Keep Looking Up, a public art action that centers 16 Chinese and Latinx migrant women’s resounding stories of struggle and hope.

‘How I Keep Looking Up’ members practice marching with their flags in preparation for the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco’s Chinatown. (Kristie Song)

For the past three months, Yap led workshops at 41 Ross and the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, where the women learned phrases from each other’s languages, shared meaningful anecdotes and designed flags that focus on their resilience. Many based their illustrations on comforting symbols like butterflies, birds and flowers to represent what they treasure most: their families, communities and personal journeys.

Read the full report at the link below!




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