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[Sing Tao USA] Artist's novel exhibition, looking forward to the vitality of Chinatown

Leading artist Quan Xishu (right) and curator Liang Kaiyao (left). Photo by reporter Zhou Zijun

This exhibition aims to energise the community atmosphere and plan a lot of activities to interact with the community. For example, a "shrimp float" with a visual length of about two meters cruised on the streets of Chinatown, which attracted the onlookers of the citizens of Chinatown. For example, the performance art activity of artist Sun Park "desire of taste" allowed the onlookers to participate in it, tasted rice wine with Korean characteristics for the audience, and let the audience sprinkle a glass of wine to " "The lounge"\xf9 gully W; for example, for the dance performed by the "San Francisco Garden Corner Dance Team", Quan Xishu said that although he was not very good at dancing, he still participated in it; for example, the performance of Hwa Records art group "Fire Show" and so on. Fresh shrimp food and delicious drinks are provided on site, and food and drinks are provided by Chinatown stores.

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