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[Yahoo News + World Journal] Fangcaodi Art Center Funded 10 Chinatown Artists To Get $1,000 A Month

Ten artists from Chinatown will receive 1,000 yuan a month for a total of 18 months. ( Reporter Wang Zihan/Photographer)

Four funded artists and representatives of the Chinese Cultural Center took a group photo. From left are cartoonist Lei Zushun, art educator Kylie Panday, Christian Medina Beltz, representative of Fangcao Art Center, Liang Kaixin, executive director of Chinese Cultural Center, Tan Nian Tie, chairman of the Eighthwa Hall of the United States, and illustrator Jeanette Laz. Am, Kuang Chuying and Wu Jiatian of the Chinese Cultural Center. Photo by reporter Zhou Zijun

In the past decade, the former Yerba Buena Center for the Arts was established. "Creative Communities Coalition" Honji craftsman and cultural dantaido over-epidemic impulse. Six representative weak groups, a small number of descendants and multicultural background organizations, the selection and this plan, the center of Chinese culture is one of them.

In order to give communities and ethnic groups a fair opportunity to participate in the project, Fangcaodi Art Center handed over the right to select the recipients to the community art and cultural organizations. Stephanie Imah, director of Fangcaodi Artist Investment Department, said, "We trust our partners. They are the best decision makers of the community and the closest to the community. Artists must be rooted in the community."

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